Guidance for coaches

We want to make the process of coaching and mentoring on Coachvox super straightforward. This page exists so you understand exactly what’s involved.

The page is in the following sections:

Introduction to coaching by voice note

Voice notes have become a key part of the way people communicate in the modern world. They are a form of asynchronous communication, whereby information is exchanged in turn rather than in real time. You may already be very familiar with this method of communication, which has many benefits.


We believe that communicating by voice note is a highly effective way of delivering coaching and mentoring. The flexibility afforded to both sides, including having time to think before responding, means the relationship can be more valuable and productive. You can read our ultimate guide to coaching by voice note here for a deep dive into best practices.


These beliefs led us to develop Coachvox, providing everyone the opportunity to formalise their service offering and begin delivering effective voice note guidance to their clients.


If you haven’t already applied to be a coach you should apply here. This helps us assess your suitability for the platform. After being accepted, you’ll be invited to verify your account, create your profile and outline your service offering.


This information feeds into your coach profile page and means potential clients can make an informed decision about the coaches they choose to work with. Your full profile will look like this:

You’re profile will also be shown in the Coachvox marketplace like this:

We’ve put together a guide on building the best profile page possible: how to optimize your Coachvox profile.

Pricing guidance

How you price your services is totally up to you. Monthly coach fees vary based on approach, expertise and responsiveness commitment. Here are some frameworks you can use:


Work out an approximate hourly rate: Take the number of voice notes a client can send you during a month and multiply by five (minutes) and then multiply by two (to allow for your response). This will be the minutes per month you spend listening to and sending voice notes. You could then double this number to allow for thinking time. Use your existing hourly rate to price accordingly, bearing in mind there will be no travel time or other expenses with Coachvox.


Use our existing coaches as a benchmark: Most of the coaches on Coachvox have priced their service at between $150 and $2000 per month. Use your experience, confidence and perceived value to choose a place within this range. If you know you can attract a higher fee, go up the higher end or even higher. If you just want to onboard clients and see what coaching by voice note is all about, choose a monthly fee towards the lower end.


Go with what feels right: For the service you have specified, where your clients send voice notes and you respond within a certain timeframe on certain days, what monthly price feels about right? What number can you imagine quoting and feeling happy that it represented great value for your client? You can always change your prices in the future if you feel that they are too low or too high.


Coachvox has a flat 10% commission structure. Note that Stripe adds a further 2.9%+$0.30 onto each transaction. Your Stripe dashboard will show a breakdown of fees so you have full clarity over what you charge and earn.

Your commitment

You are committed to the level of service outlined in your profile page. This includes how quickly a client will receive a response and the days on which you respond. This means if you set a 24-hour response time but a client messages on a Saturday, you won’t be expected to reply until Monday if you have set Monday to Friday as your working days.


You choose how many clients you work with. After these spaces are booked, clients will be invited to join a waitlist instead. At any time, you can see how many people are on your waitlist and you can open up new spaces. 


Before a client can sign up, they apply to work with you and you approve or decline their request.


You need to supply your service for any months paid for by a client. If for some reason you don’t want to continue beyond the current month, we ask that you provide as much notice to your client as possible. If you prefer to work with clients for a fixed one or three-month programme, for example, this should be detailed in your profile to manage the expectations of the client.

Setting voice note limits

In our experience of coaching and mentoring by voice note, clients are respectful of your time. They also understand that sending loads of voice note is not effective. For this reason, we encourage coaches to set an “unlimited” voice notes per month policy. Remember that you have already detailed when you will respond and your response time, so there’s no risk of going back and forth 20 times per day if you don’t want to.


You’ll always be able to discuss your way of working with your client as you figure out the most effective way of communicating.

How to sell your service

Now you’ve set up your Coachvox profile, you might be wondering how to promote your offering to your network. We’ve put together a page of guidance, including example messaging for each different approach so you can find something that suits you. Find that here.

Anything else

If you still have questions, you can find answers on the how it works or the FAQs page. You can also listen to Coachvox Radio, where we interview coaches and entrepreneurs about how they sign up clients and deliver effective voice note coaching.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll be delighted to assist.

Apply to be a coach or mentor on Coachvox here:

Why coaching by voice note?

Unparalleled flexibility

Record and listen to voice notes whenever and wherever is convenient for you. There is no need to coordinate schedules or struggle to find space in a jam-packed week.

Maximum efficiency

Go beyond the small talk and avoid thinking of answers on the spot. Take your time considering exactly the guidance you want to give and the questions you want to ask. 

Work with great clients

The flexibility and efficiency of coaching by voice note means you can begin a personal relationship with brilliant clients with whom you love to work. Enjoy making a difference to their world.