How Coachvox works

More than just a client management tool, Coachvox is a new way of thinking and a smarter way of working.


Asynchronous and voice-based communication are the future. Smart business coaches manage payments, clients and communication through Coachvox. Here’s how:

Define your terms

Set your fees and response times in your Coachvox dashboard. 


Clients pay you for the upcoming month as soon as they enroll, all handled by the platform. We also take care of their ongoing subscription.

Manage your client relationships

See which clients require a response, assess applications and read your private notes.
Bundling client communications in with those of colleagues, family and friends is unprofessional chaos. It leads to lost messages, lost time and less effective relationships.

Record and send voice notes

Every client communication is handled by the app. Send voice notes along with files, links and text messages.


You can speed up playback, pause mid-recording and even schedule your voice notes. You can also tag voice notes to make them easy to find. 

Utilize your message library

Record and save template voice notes in your Coachvox dashboard. 
There’s no need to repeat yourself or copy and paste from elsewhere. Save key messages, common answers, flagship frameworks and onboarding exercises as template voice notes to save time and deliver more value for every client.

Be discovered

Make your profile public to be found by entrepreneurs looking for a coach.


You can opt to appear in the Coachvox marketplace where clients can search for coaches and mentors. Complete and optimize your public page in your dashboard. 

Maintain boundaries

Keep your coaching relationships where they should be, on a platform for professionals.


There’s no need to share your phone number or email address, so your professional coaching relationships won’t interrupt your daily life.

A seamless client experience

Your clients enjoy all of the same Coachvox features as you.

They can make private notes, tag messages, download receipts and keep their coaching relationship separate to personal messaging and email. Your clients will love working with you on Coachvox.

Make sense? Great! Start your journey by signing up below. Got questions? You may find your answer on our FAQs page. For anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Why coaching by voice note?

Unparalleled flexibility

Record and listen to voice notes whenever and wherever is convenient for you. There is no need to coordinate schedules or struggle to find space in a jam-packed week.

Maximum efficiency

Go beyond the small talk and avoid thinking of answers on the spot. Take your time considering exactly the guidance you want to give and the questions you want to ask.

Work with great clients

The flexibility and efficiency of coaching by voice note means you can begin a personal relationship with brilliant clients with whom you love to work. Enjoy making a difference to their world.